Brain Lesion Prevention

Brain Lesion Prevention

Brain lesions can occur from many different causes, whether due to trauma, cancer, a congenital origin, or another reason. Because there are many potential causes, brain lesion prevention does not have a single recommended path. Some causes of brain lesions, such as congenital defects, cannot be prevented.

Brain Lesion Prevention

Below, you will find an overview of how to prevent some of the common causes of brain lesions.

Head Trauma

types of brain lesionsTrauma to the head can cause lasting tissue and nerve damage in the brain. Wear protective headgear when engaging in high-impact sports such as football or lacrosse. Always wear a helmet when cycling. Motorcyclists should always wear a helmet and provide a helmet for any passengers.

Exposure to Radiation

The brain is well-protected from radiation. However, you can reduce this particular risk factor by avoiding unnecessary exposure to radiation. This includes certain medical tests and screening.

If your workplace involves exposure to radiation, take necessary precautions such as wearing appropriate safety gear and minimizing the time you are near radioactive substances.


Some brain lesions are caused by infections that can occur from viruses, bacteria, or fungi. One notable infection is meningitis, which is an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. Avoid contact with individuals known to have meningitis.

Vascular Issues

Not all vascular issues can be prevented, such as those which occur due to genetics or are congenital.

However, many individuals can reduce their risk of developing vascular issues by practicing a healthy lifestyle. This includes not smoking, exercising at least three times per week, eating a balanced diet, and limiting alcohol intake. Individuals who have high blood pressure are advised to take any prescribed medication regularly.

Causes of Brain Lesions that Cannot Be Prevented

Some causes of brain lesions cannot currently be prevented. These include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Brain cell death: Brain cells die naturally over time due to age or trauma. There is no known way to prevent this.
  • Cancer: Cancerous cells may originate in the brain, or they may metastasize (spread) from other parts of the body and form a tumor within the brain.
  • Genetics: Some individuals are born with defects in the network of blood vessels within the brain, or are at a higher risk of developing certain conditions.

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