January 2017 News Roundup

January 2017 News Roundup

Every month, we compile a list of the latest cancer and radiation therapy-related news and research. Check out what’s new in January!

Resolve to Reduce Your Cancer Risk This Year

January 3, 2017 (MedlinePlus via HealthDay)

Certain risk factors can increase the odds of developing cancer throughout the body. Non-changeable risk factors, such as genetics or age, cannot be influenced. However, there are many things you can do to lower your risk of developing cancer.

U.S. Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall: Report

January 5, 2017 (MedlinePlus via HealthDay)

In the US, overall cancer deaths have decreased 25% since the early 1990’s. Improved treatment methods as well as earlier detection have contributed to this number. In addition, declines in mortality in the four main causes of cancer deaths, breast, colorectal, lung, and prostate have further reduced the mortality rate.

Researchers Discover New Subtype of Cervical Cancer

January 10, 2017 (ScienceDaily)

Cervical cancer is currently treated as a single disease. However, up to a third of patients may not respond to traditional therapies. New research has found a new subtype of cervical cancer that may explain why these cancers are resistant to traditional therapies. By testing for this subtype, doctors can create more tailored therapies for patients.

Risk of Skin Cancer Doesn’t Deter Most College Students Who Tan Indoors, Study Shows

January 10, 2017 (ScienceDaily)

A recent survey at Indiana University has shown that over half of the participants are aware of the risks of skin cancer, yet may not change habits. Indoor tanning is linked to an increased rate of developing melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer.

New Research Holds Promise for Personalized Lung Cancer Treatments

January 12, 2017 (ScienceDaily)

Recent research has discovered that small cell lung cancer is not always a uniform disease, but features tumors within the cell that act differently from its other parts. At present, small cell lung cancer is treated as a single unit. Awareness of this differentiation may enable doctors to optimize treatment for the individual parts of a tumor.

Sunbed Users Get Melanoma at a Younger Age

January 12, 2017 (ScienceDaily)

On average, tanning bed users have an increased risk of developing melanoma. A recent study has shown that individuals who use tanning beds before the age of 30 are more likely to develop melanoma at a younger age than individuals who do not use tanning beds.

Reducing the Radioresistance of Cancer

January 13, 2017 ScienceDaily

Certain cancer cells are resistant to the effects of radiation and can survive treatment. As a result, researchers have explored the possibility of controlling these cells’ mechanisms that promote radioresistance.

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